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The pressure of hopping on the relationship escalator with a total stranger is intense, but what if there were another way—a space somewhere in between instant exclusivity and playing the field? I think you want to be in the “dating for the possibility of a relationship” category, and that’s an awesome place to be!It’s smart not to hook your wagon to a star when you don’t yet know what you can count on that star for. Until you’ve had the “let’s be exclusive” conversation, then single is single.Is that his bad for assuming or my bad for not spelling things out for him? – San Diego, CA Hey Ella, Thanks for this question.Thousands of daters find themselves in this situation. If you two have chemistry, you grab each other’s hand and promptly leap onto the relationship escalator that starts climbing ever upwards on the second date and ends at the top with “I do!But otherwise, until he brings it up, I wasn’t going to bring it up.I realize I am possibly sending mixed signals because there are a lot of sleepovers and I always find time to see him, so why would he think I’m still seeing others?Here’s a thought: “Dating for a relationship” isn’t an accurate label.Instead, most daters think, “we had three dates, so now we’re in a relationship.” That’s not dating for a relationship, that’s serial relationshipping.

If he asks me if I am seeing other people, which I can’t see this guy doing, then I will be upfront with him.

Dating is a series of events, get-togethers, and conversations in which you get to know someone.

What if we created a third category called “dating for the of a relationship.” I betcha a twenty that more than half of the “casual” people would bop on over and check out this cool new camp if it were deemed safe and socially acceptable enough to do so.

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