Nscalendar autoupdatingcurrentcalendar

This solution is great and all, but it still requires that you have an active internet connection.

As of i OS4, Apple has introduced a new type of notification that can be scheduled to fire within the device itself.

I'm trying to pinpoint the problem and don't know if its a data corruption problem or a problem in the code.

I have downloaded the i OS database to my Mac and can run sql statements against it.

The last piece of this puzzle is determining what to do when a notification fires.

Fortunately, this step is very easy and handled inside of the app Delegate. The app is not running (or running in the “background”) .

Next, we handle the case when the application launches from a notification.

This happens when the Finally, we implement the did Receive Local Notification method.

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Whenever a notification fires, it will increase the badge count on the application.It requires no complicated server programming, or additional configuration with i Tunes. Local notifications can be scheduled on the user’s i Device to fire at any given time; you can even set them to be recurring.Today, we will explore these notifications and I will provide you with a simple example of how to schedule, view, and handle local notifications.When the app is running, you will not see the UIAlert View show up with the notification data.I am encountering a problem in my i OS app happening after 3 days of gathering data from server.

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