Office communicator not updating my status

I discovered that if I manually activated the Oo OA and then manually deactivated it, Lync was once again properly synched up with Exchange and the red asterisk and status message reverted to their default states.I have a user whose status in MS Lync does not change to busy when a meeting/appointment that was scheduled in Outlook occurs.I've looked through Outlook too, to see if there is a setting missed.

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Unfortunately, such operations can not be performed easily in the console EMC because SMTP address rewriting to lowercase letters for the console is not recognized as any change in the EMC console and the address is entered again as it was with capital letters.

I am getting the following error: "Unable to login to Openfire (IM/Presence) Server. I have One-X Portal, flare softphone and the mobile app all working on the latest releases so it is for sure not a bug. client side i upgraded the server edition to 8.1.92 from 8.1.43 and still presence on IPAD is not working.

Your IM/Presence functionality may not work properly". guys, atleast you are getting this message of unable to login..not even getting that on my ipad and flare communicator for windows. i have opened a case for one of my client lets see what avaya comes up with. The only issue i have is that One-X Portal logs me off when i am not actually logged in on a phone. Flare communicator for windows is working fine with presence, IM, system and Personal contacts.

previously it was working in my office fine but since last update presence is not working on communcitor for windows and flare for ipad both. Hotdesking works fine but not if the phone is not connected.

The older full width switches do not have the CPU and memory resources to support the firmware going forward.

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