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Then I realized that I was worrying for naught as hoteliers are ultimately the ones defining the success or failure of a conversation.Zoe retrieves the customer’s name, email address, mobile number and his expression of need 100% of the time.Chatbots are a smart option to help hotels engage online visitors and generate direct sales. If you’re aware of robots’ limitations from the very beginning, you’ll find ways to mitigate them and achieve an average of 17% conversion rate. Every time you pose a question to a bot it runs a semantic and statistical analysis to determine if it is similar enough to a request it knows the answer to.BUT you will have to put work into it: there is no free lunch. However, the processes used to teach them speech is very different from the way we learn language. The more you feed your chatbot database with different formulations for the same demand, the better it will be at finding the right answer.Be aware that you have a learning curve too and might need to rethink your predefined answers several times.The mission of every bot company is to make sure its chatbot gets it right as much as possible, but this article focuses on failures and the value you can extract from them.Put yourself in the shoes of a customer: you started a conversation with a chatbot, asked for information regarding an event you’re organizing, and at some point, you asked for the price of the meeting room 10 rooms for 2 days.Zoe cannot answer that, but if you call back with just the right offer, the customer will be happy anyway and end up buying from you.

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Usually the chatbot will perfectly understand what the customer is asking for and deliver the corresponding predefined answer.Of course, sometimes people do it because they have nothing better to do or they just want to amuse themselves, but generally — there’s some motive behind it.No user is going to linger on a barbershop website to experience the allure of descriptive personal grooming content.When we launched Zoe, our chatbot for hotels, I thought that any conversation where the chatbot eventually got it wrong was an unacceptable failure.I would not sleep at night because I was terrified of losing all my hotel customers overnight.

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