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Known as the iconic "Little Tramp" of silent films and a Hollywood pioneer behind a string of cinematic masterpieces, Charlie Chaplin achieved international fame and respect as an actor, director, and producer.But in private Chaplin led a lonely life, dogged by scandal and haunted by his impoverished youth, until he met the luminous Oona O'Neill.You’ll get so many helpful hints about things you can do right away to up your chances of finding fulfillment in dating; exercises that are fun for you and a date to do; and important facts you need to know.• Is there such a thing as love at first sight? • Is it possible to meet an honest person on an internet dating site? Here’s a sample of what you’ll get in the chapters: Part 1: A New View on Where to Go and Who’s the One: How dating can be exciting! Many people have said how helpful it has been to them. Never mind about nay-sayers who say there’s no good ones out there. Keep it by your bedside to read before you go to bed. A part in a stage show at age 12 started Chaplin's career as a vaudeville comedian, which eventually took him to the United States in 1912. He married his first wife, actress Mildred Harris, after a pregnancy scare when she was just 16 years old. In 1924, Chaplin quietly married another 16-year-old actress, Lita Grey, whom he met on the set of . They were married from 1936 to 1942 and divorced amicably.Chaplin was a hit with audiences and the fledgling Hollywood film industry took notice. Chaplin increasingly became involved in the writing and directing side of moviemaking and later joined forces with fellow actors Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks, and director/producer D. Chaplin met O'Neill in 1942 when he was considering her for a role in one of his films.

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Oona lived another 14 years, largely in seclusion in Switzerland and New York. Chaplin and O'Neill are buried side-by-side in Corsier-sur-Vevey.

The couple had eight children together: Geraldine, Michael, Josephine, Victoria, Eugene, Jane, Annette, and Christopher, and they remained married until Chaplin's death in 1977.

Several of the Chaplin children went into acting, with film and stage actress Geraldine Chaplin and her daughter, Oona Chaplin (who appeared in , who divorced her mother when Oona was just 2 years old.

"As a young and somewhat sensitive society beauty, Oona O'Neill had her own following. Being married to Chaplin wasn't always easy, but O'Neill handled the turbulence that surrounded him with quiet grace.

When she visited the West Coast in her brief attempt to become an actress, she received long daily letters from an admirer named 'Jerry'—the author J. "The forties brought Chaplin lawsuits, violent press attacks, general unfavorable publicity, and failure of his only film of the decade," Theodore Huff wrote in his biography of the actor, .

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