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He had high expectations for what proper neurosurgical training should look like, as outlined in his Presidential address for the Harvey Cushing Society. Meacham, Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery 1953 to 1983.In the course of his career he served as the President for each of the Tennessee Neurosurgical Society, the Neurosurgical Society of America (1952), the Southern Neurosurgical Society (1957), the Society for Neurological Surgeons (1971), and the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (1972).In 1973 a group of his previous trainees dating back to 1953 assembled at the Meacham Neurosurgical Society in Los Angeles.Obtained from the Eskind Biomedical Library Historical Records, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee. Meacham was born in 1913 and raised by his grandparents in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.Pilcher also emphasized the importance of research.

As a consequence of this favorable review, Vanderbilt benefited from a significant influx of M of funding. Operating Room in the new Vanderbilt University Hospital c. The door on the left leads to an anesthesia room; on the right, to the scrub room.

James Robertson—a Scotch–Irish settler, considered the founder of Nashville in 1779—performed what could be considered the first neurosurgical procedure in the region.

Using an awl, he bored multiple holes through the outer cortical bone of a scalping victim to encourage re-epithelialization.

Under new leadership, the surgical enterprise at Vanderbilt wasted no time getting started.

The first neurosurgical procedure at Vanderbilt was a “cerebellar exploration” performed by Drs Thomas Mc Kinney and Alfred Blalock on October 5, 1925.

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