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As a result, the country had fewer than 500 new infections among children last ...

Kigali Spain's top research institution said Thursday it has patented an HIV test that can detect the AIDS-causing virus within a week of infection, the fastest yet. February 17, 2017 The government early this month launched a prevention drug for people at risk of contracting the HIV virus. SAN FRANCISCO — On online dating sites, Matthew Sachs identifies himself as a 5-foot-8, 130-pound grad student who likes hiking, performance art and community service.

Mayors and their representatives from around South Africa are demonstrating their commitment to accelerating the HIV and TB responses in their respective municipalities.

Presented at: IAS Conference on HIV Science; July 23-26, 2017; Paris.Benjamin Young MD, the senior vice president and chief medical officer of the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care (IAPAC), and he filled us in on something pretty outstanding. Dec 1, 2015 Denver Cary Kennedy, Deputy Mayor and Chief Financial Officer for the City and County of Denver, will join community members and local public health officials at 9 a.m.on August 15 in signing an agreement to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic during the ...Earlier this year, we received good news regarding the state of HIV in the ...Dec 1, 2015 Washington, DC We received a call at the office from Dr.

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