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Fern Ferret * Fixed Error about hiding the sound menu * Updated to Core Version 1.17 - Fixed the crash on windows servers due to the getsoundduration * Added Spy disguising event(boolean) when a spy goes to disguise, triggers a true, opposite when he goes undisguised 2.0.2 March 15, 2008 * Modified by [Ri CK] Stokes aka.Fern Ferret * Updated to Core Version 1.19 - The Following fixes were ported in: 1.18 Mar 2, 2008 * Modified by -=|JFH|=-Naris * Also added check to not call Get Sound Duration() for mp3 files.1.19 Mar 2, 2008 * Modified by -=|JFH|=-Naris * Removed sm_sound_allow_bots to allow bots to trigger sounds. * Commented out code that calls Get Sound Duration() * Added event "build" Support 2.0.3 Mar 16, 2008 * Modified by -=|JFH|=-Naris * Merged the last few saysounds changes with saysounds hybrid.2.0.4 Jun 13, 2008 * Modified by -=|JFH|=-Naris * Checks the Game Type() before hooking TF2 events. Players can turn the playback of say sounds on/off and it will be stored for the future Play Join sounds for all players and/or a specific player identified by his Steam-ID Play action sounds for actions like uber, kill, flag captured etc. Sourcecode is also on Git Hub The latest Windows version of the Sound Library extension requires the Microsoft Visual C 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) to be installed on the server. He used a few functions from his plugins as a learning tool.So if the extension won't load either install the Visual C Redistributable Package or use the previous version of the extension which doesn't have that dependency. Teame06 for his help with the string replace function. Naris and Fern Ferret for adding so many nice features. berni for his Sound Info Library Extension Versions: 1.0 * First Public Release! soundlist" in chat will get a list of triggers in their console * Added a cvar to control how long between each sound to wait and a message to the user 1.5.5 Oct 9, 2007 * Fixed small memory leak from not closing handle at the end of each map 1.6 Dec 28, 2007 * Modified by -=|JFH|=-Naris * Added soundmenu (Menu of sounds to play) * Added adminsounds (Menu of admin-only sounds for admins to play) * Added adminsounds menu to Source Mod's admin menu * Added sm_specific_join_exit (Join/Exit for specific STEAM IDs) * Fixed join/exit sounds not playing by adding call to Kv Rewind() before Kv Jump To Key().

1.8 Jan 11, 2008 * Modified by -=|JFH|=-Naris * Fixed timer errors 1.9 Jan 18, 2008 * Modified by -=|JFH|=-Naris * Added Sound Duration setting in config file * Various fixes 1.10 Jan 22, 2008 * Modified by -=|JFH|=-Naris * Added more comprehensive error checking * Changed !

1.17 Mar 1, 2008 * Modified by -=|JFH|=-Naris * Fixed crash in Counter-Strike (Windows) by NOT calling Get Sound Duration() unless the SDKVersion = 30 (Version or Orangebox/TF2) 1.18 Mar 2, 2008 * Modified by -=|JFH|=-Naris * Also added check to not call Get Sound Duration() for mp3 files.

* Added sm_sound_logging to turn logging of sounds played on and off.

2.0 March 15, 2008 * Modified by [Ri CK] Stokes aka.

Fern Ferret * Made version 2.0 due to massive functionallity change * Changed Plugin name from Saysounds, to Saysoundshybrid * Changed Reference from to * Added ability to create sounds from actions in TF2 :) (Currently only 3 supported(Flag Events, Kill Events, - Medic Uber Event) more to be added later * Added ability to hide soundmenu from non admins (sm_sound_showmenu) * Added menu for admins to show ALL sounds admin and public (sm_all_sounds) * Added above two items to admin menu under "Server Commands" * Added a few new types of data that you can add in config file including "actiononly" which will allow - SSH(Say Sounds Hybrid) to play the sound, aka clients will download it, but they can't play it - Other types are covered in the demo section of this file * Changed the Sound_Menu function: Added All Sounds parameter * Updated Credits 2.0.1 March 15, 2008 * Modified by [Ri CK] Stokes aka.

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