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Rich Skrenta: The challenge of any social system, from Usenet to the Washington Post message boards to Yahoo News, these systems always succumb to their own success. There are a lot of well thought out, well intentioned efforts, and they say, ‘People should come to that.’ And then for whatever reason, people don’t come and they don’t contribute.

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It does help that there’s a special geo-location technology that automatically shows where the person is commenting from, but the oversight of only three human moderators for the whole site lowers the quality of many discussions.

It’s a great story but you can’t find it because there’s this flood, this torrent of other stuff.

So how do you promote that up to the news page so that people can read the best 10 posts rather than everything? If the roboblogger gets something wrong, they can remove the story from the page.

In April, the website was completely redesigned with a focus on communities and forums instead of search.

Topix started letting anyone sign up as an “editor” for a specific locale and help pick appropriate stories for local pages.

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