Ps3 keeps restarting when updating netflix

I get the following error:“A: This problem started about 4 days ago and it’s not just exclusive to the Galaxy S7 but across the Android platform and by the looks of it, it could be a server side issue.

The fact is, majority of the people who reported this problem said it cleared up on its own, although it may take a few days. Now, here’s what other people who claimed to have fixed their problems are doing.

Q: “I am not receiving my emails on my Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone and on the screen I get the message ‘you may have email that have not yet been retrieved from the server.’ How do I fix this problem with the server so I receive and read my emails. Your answer to correct this problem will be appreciated.”A: It’s still one of the syncing issues commonly experienced by Android users. We received some of the complaints from our readers that’s why we’ve done a small research on this. Neither Samsung nor Google issued a statement acknowledging the problem so users don’t know who to turn to.Next is verify if the syncs are enabled in your phone by going into the settings of the account you’re having issues with.From there, you can see exactly which services are syncing and which ones aren’t.

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