Ptsd and dating

The lack of sleep paired with enduring mood swings and trying to make things as stable as possible at home is exhausting.

Mental stress is far more taxing than physical stress and it causes the body to break down quicker.

I learned very quickly which things were safe and which things to avoid.

Our most epic fight to date was during our first 4th of July together.

Shannon Mc Hugh is a Licensed Clinical and Forensic Psychologist in Los Angeles, California.

The person’s brain is stuck trying to process the horror of the previous event and it replays over and over again in their dreams, which brings forth feelings of rage, guilt, shame, and terror — just to name a few.

We went, but the energy it took to get through the evening was taxing.

It became easier to remember what things to avoid, and I started doing this subconsciously. The terror your partner felt when the traumatic event occurred makes the world seem unsafe.

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Trauma survivors tend to avoid possible triggering events, people, places or things.

Once triggered, they fear the onslaught of emotions and the rapid deterioration in their ability to control their emotions.

For men especially, being seen as weak or emotionally vulnerable is a mark against their masculinity.

I wanted to go on base and enjoy the festivities, and I could not understand why Marc was putting up such a fuss.

As a war veteran, the fireworks sounded like shots fired and the crowd of people was unnerving.

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