Public folder contacts not updating

By reference to the writeable copy, public folder mailboxes that hold secondary copies learn about additions and removals of public folders and the mailboxes that hold public folder content.

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We then look at the synchronization data that is revealed by the cmdlet.Playing chess through public folders was my favorite demo as this illustrated the power of electronic forms to gather and display data coupled with the data replication model that used email as its transport.Regretfully, EFD, the electronic forms designer utility, never moved with the times and languished as a 16-bit application that proved less than useless as Exchange evolved.The chapter was supposed to be published as an extra that could be downloaded but that hasn’t happened to date, so here it is. If you like this kind of content about Exchange Server, why not follow me on Twitter so that you receive updates when I post material. To me, public folders are the cockroaches of Exchange.Update: If you’re interested in upgrading to Exchange 2013 and need to migrate some public folders to the modern format (or indeed, to migrate some public folders to Exchange Online in Office 365), then you might like to read my thoughts on the migration process. They continue to persist despite seemingly being on the edge of extinction several times.

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