Quick sex hookups

I want to date a CEO, someone who will treat me well, or someone my parents will like.

On the other hand, I want to have sex with a guy who is covered in tattoos, will ask to borrow rent money, and who will never call me again.

"It's about letting your imagination and feelings at the moment be your guide.

(I'm boring.)However, I'm all about being sex positive and having safe, consensual sex whenever you feel like it. Because sometimes, you just need to satiate that sexual appetite, you know? "Let your gut tell you who to swipe on," Dating and relationship coach Fran Greene, LCSW, told Elite Daily.

We are a generation that simply refuses to admit when we have feelings for someone.

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This persisted until I realized the only thing consistent about these guys was their inconsistency.

Why does he talk to me every day for a week and then go MIA?

Because he has no intention of this developing into anything more than sex.

(Listen, the heart wants what it wants.)So if you're just looking for plain, old-fashioned boning, swipe with your member, not your mind. If you're just looking for a hookup, then you can probably skip the fancy dinner and pleasantries.

That'll just lead someone on and waste that millennial money you could totally be saving for avocado toast or a house one day (but not both, apparently). Most likely, they'll be refreshed by your honesty, and you'll soon be getting refreshments.

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