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CRASH AND EXCHANGE: When do you have to replace a helmet with a new one? You will find the addresses of all importers on this website. To offer maximum protection a safety helmet must be the correct fit.

If you require information about the availability or the prices of Shoei helmets or spare parts please contact our importer in your country. Is it possible to buy Shoei products directly via this site?

Where can I find the production date Did the fitting change at SHOEI helmets? This is a very important requirement, the need for personal attention renders safety helmets unsuitable for sale via the Internet. The exact date of manufacturing can be found inside the helmet under the centerpad.

How can I convert from the ratchet lock to Double-D? It can be read as follows: Year XX - month XX - day XX. Yes, over time the fit of our helmets has changed slightly.

Where do I have to send a helmet for disassembling and what does it cost? If you are searching for your nearest dealer please contact the importer who is responsible for your country.

It is important that insects do not dry completely. There is also a warning on the visor as well as in the manual.

We are developing a completely new inner shell with every new model, which is tailored to the latest surveying data and the application area of the respective helmet model.

We recommend that you make an intensive test ride with the helmet before purchase.

So the inner shell no longer has those important absorption characteristics.

There has also been much work on the development of helmets in recent years.

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