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Later after we got home she asked me if I was still serious about her dating other men and I said that I was. " She went on to tell me she had met an other soldier at the dance and they danced together, and she found him to be attractive.She continued to tell me that after dancing a few dances, he suggested they go outside and get some fresh air. She told me they began to make out and she was surprised that she really enjoyed it. She told him she wanted to see him again, but in their rush to get back to the party, she didn't get much info from the guy, just his name and where he was stationed.She put on a one piece black lace corset with little frills at the bottom and had me do the hooks in the back, then she sat down as I watched her put on her black nylons, hook the front garters, then stood up and had me hook the back ones.Then she bent over and slowly with both hands began to smooth out the wrinkles in the nylons, one leg at a time.I would then have her lay down and I would take off her panties and inspect and smell them, then she would show me her pussy so I could see what her pussy looked like after another man had fucked her.Later when she finally did start fucking other men, we would play this little game almost every time. They made a dinner/club date to see each other, and that day finally arrived.Let me side track a little here, you see in my fantasizing, she would go out and when she came home, she would act all coy and tell me she had been naughty, I would kid along and she would then take my hand and put it on her panties and ask me to feel them.Of course they would be wet from fucking and soaked from another man's sperm.

We were pretty tired so didn't talk about it until we got home.

We had decided that if she was to have sex with other men, she wanted it to be natural so she could experience sex with him the same way she did with me.

The next day I made her an appointment with the doctor to get her on some sort of protection.

Other than one encounter in 1978, (See:"My Very First Time") my wife had never fucked another man up until then.

She was a virgin when we married, so as you can guess she fucked him after we were married.

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