Rhian ramos and mo twister dating

In the video, Mo was heard talking about a mutual decision to have an abortion, driven by love.

Though littered with seemingly disjointed statements about what he is going through, the disk jockey got the message across.

It is not surprising therefore that despite claims to openly encourage women empowerment, no woman in the Philippines can be caught openly admitting to abortion.

If women with run-of-the-mill professions won’t do it, what more can we expect from celebrities whose bread and butter is deeply embedded in reputation and societal appeal?

It started out as clues that left everyone puzzled. YOURE IN SINGAPORE, YOU'VE BEEN CRYING ALL EVENING BECAUSE TOMORROW MORNING, YOU AND RHIAN WILL GO TO THE HOSPITAL HERE AND GET RID OUR BABY. How did the issue about DJ Mo Twister and his ex-girlfriend actress Rhian Ramos come about? I was surprised to see DJ Mo Twsiter crying his heart out talking about abortion. IT DOESN'T MATTER NAMAN WHAT I THINK ABOUT IT BECAUSE THIS WAS HER CHOICE. THIS BUSINESS HAS MADE HER BELIEVE THAT WE HAVE TO TAKE THE LIFE OF OUR OWN CHILD BECAUSE NO ONE WILL FORGIVE HER FOR THIS. This sweet-looking young star has been rumored to have had a love-child with the actor.Not only that, Toni was also believed to have had an abortion. In the land of extremes and contradictions, even Philippine TV Sweetheart Heart Evangelista has not escaped the web of intrigues plaguing showbiz personalities.

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