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The androids arent flawless but malfunctions can be easily repaired.

Every weekend the company offers a class to make simpler robots.

It was so hard to find lolita clothing that would fit her, so she usually made her own, yet, it was terribly hard, due to the fact that she was paid minium wage.

"Well you are lucky your father owns half of the company or you wouldn't have a body." She said as a big grin grew on her face. They told you not to have that --" :: But as the guard wanted to give chase, he simply stopped and turned around then, the pipe smacking the guard over his face and causing him to be on the floor hurt as he looked over at the guard with a blank expression now, blinking now:: "Sorry, what was that? " :: The guard shouted as he looked at the guard and blinked, picking him up with one hand as he would look at his face then::"Your a solid, and that red stuff coming out of your nose is a gas!

I think I have too much air in my ears again, oh wait, air is a liquid, so it'll just slide right out of there! " :: He said with a cheerfull voice now as the guard growled at him then:: "It is NOT a GAS!

She then pulled the face out from the head like a drawer out of a shelf and replaced the broken parts.

Ayaka then uploaded the backup memory and put the androids head back on the body.

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    And then there also are the so-called "love hunters" -- staff who travel around the country in search of China's most beautiful bachelorettes to bring to the lavish matchmaking parties the company throws.