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His new editions of these three books were published by the Brief "Quam ardenti" (25 March 1752), which quotes Paul V's Constitution at length and is printed, as far as it concerns this book, in the beginning of the Ritual.He added to Paul V's text two forms for giving the papal blessing (V, 6; VIII, 31).The bishop's functions (ordination, confirmation, et cetera) filled the Pontifical, the priest's offices (baptism, penance, matrimony, extreme unction, etc.) were contained in a great variety of little handbooks, finally replaced by the Ritual. The book under this name occurs already in the eighth century (Pontifical of Egbert).From the ninth there is a multitude of Pontificals.For the priest's functions there was no uniform book till 1614.Some of these are contained in the Pontificals; often the chief ones were added to Missals and Books of Hours.The Roman Ritual (Latin: Rituale Romanum) is one of the official ritual works of the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church.

But the matter did not receive the attention of the Holy See itself for some time.

It is then by no means the case that every priest of the Roman Rite uses the Roman Ritual.

Very many dioceses or provinces still have their own local handbooks under the name of Rituale or another (Ordo administrandi sacramenta, etc.), though all of these conform to the Roman text in the chief elements.

Every local rite, almost every diocese, had such books; indeed many were compilations for the convenience of one priest or church.

Such books were called by many names--Manuale, Liber agendarum, Agenda, Sacramentale, sometimes Rituale.

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