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It is this ring of walls, completed in 1284, that we still see today.

Over the three years that we have lived here in Casperia, we have done our best to explore every via and vicolo we can in town.

Though a few cabins escaped the disastrous fire on the periphery of the city, these were all eventually demolished for newer buildings.

As far as we know, the oldest house still standing in Vancouver is the Thomas Dunn house, now a Catholic convent, at 385 East Cordova.

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This particular tile is interesting in that it actually has two dates on it. Perhaps the building was built or restored in 1534 and then restored or altered again in 1608.

During the course of these explorations we have come across quite a few of these terracotta restoration date markers and I took quite a few pictures of these, but it was all random.

About a month ago I started posting pictures of some of the pianelle on Instagram and Facebook, along with a little story about the world events that took place in the year that particular dated terracotta restoration marker was made.

The more I posted these pictures the more I thought that it would be an interesting project to re-explore all the vie and vicoli of Casperia with the intent of finding, photographing and categorising every single date marker possible, and this is what I have done.

I am sure that there are more to be discovered out there.

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