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A lot of what appears on the web about this sign is ambiguous (at best) or filled with nonsense. During the course of my lifetime, I’ve spent untold hours studying ancient mysticism with a focus on astrology.

Because my sign has a passion for the truth, I’ve been on a quest for knowledge with the singular goal of better understanding what makes Sagittarius tick.

Now before I get too far into things, I want to share with you that I’m not a psychic or an astrologer.

Instead, I’m just a guy that happens to be really attuned with karmic teachings and highly interested in psycho-spirituality.

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This is a trait that may be difficult to read but you came here for the real deal, right? It’s not that we can’t commit to another in romantic relationships. But it takes a very special person to make that happen.If you get too clingy or try to control us, we usually bolt – fast.Much of our ability to connect and commit depends on chemistry and mutual levels of excitement.This doesn’t mean we minimize things when something bad that happens. Part of this is because there’s an inherent part of us that knows, deep inside, the future is going to be amazing.In truth, this is a trait for most all fire signs but particularly among sag men.

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