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In a interview with People Brightman dismissed the classical crossover label as "horrible" but stated she understood people's need to categorise music.Her work has also been compared to that of Madonna Cher and Celine Dion.They are currently on friendly terms; inat the 20th London anniversary of The Phantom of the Opera, Lloyd Webber called Brightman a "wonderful woman" and "absolutely beloved mentor", and she performed at the 25th anniversary of the play in He appeared as a special guest in her concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London.Brightman had a year relationship with Frank Peterson, during which they tried and were unsuccessful in having children. In Februaryher year-old father committed suicide by asphyxiation in his car in Hertfordshire after divorce and financial problems.

Brightman acknowledged the marriage in a interview as a "difficult time" but also one of much creative output.

Brightman had been out of work for a year after Hot Gossip before Lloyd Webber spotted her at an audition for Cats in He hired her, and the pair married three years later.

He went on to cast her in several musicals, including Song and Dance, and wrote the lead role of The Phantom of the Opera for her. I'm not a great believer in fate, but sometimes things are not meant to be. But Brightman could still pass for a woman in her thirties.

Andrea was born and raised by Alessandro and Edi Bocelli despite being advised to abort him.

He was a miracle baby whose mother overruled the doctor’s advice of getting an abortion and giving birth to him.

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