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The finish was very dirty but underneath the soiled grain there was some nice flame grain and birdseye that flowed around the bowl and on bottom and up the sides of the bowl and shank.

The shank was stamped on the left side near the bowl Made in England in a rugby ball shaped circle. On the right side of the shank it is stamped “Pembroke” (enclosed in quotation marks).

I went to my go to source of information Pipedia and looked for the article on Sasieni pipe. I quote the relevant paragraphs in full: “All Sasieni One, Four, and Eight Dot pipes made before W. This script was discontinued by Alfred almost immediately after he took over the company, so this alone tells you your pipe is pre W. I also learned that the florid script Sasieni with tail of the last “i” sweeping underneath was discontinued after WWII.

Here is the link: The arrangement of the stamping however is identical to the description above.

There were light tooth marks and tooth chatter on the both sides of the stem near the button.

The four dot pattern is clear on the left side of the tapered stem.

Blog by Steve Laug My brother and I recently purchased some pipes from an estate sale from an old pipeman named Gene in Pocatello, Idaho. I have written about the pipes on a previous blog: .

On his way home my brother stopped at an antique shop and found pipes that were by far the most prestigious of the finds.

In place of the elaborate “Sasieni” stamp of pre-war pipes, a simpler, though still script style, “Sasieni” was used.

I turned to the Pipephil website to have a look at the time chart that is shown there with the time frames of the Sasieni pipes. I use a screen capture to copy the relevant section regarding the dating of my pipe.

The red box around the years 1941-1947 shows the features that make up my assessment of the date of this pipe.

The stem damage, oxidation and calcification still remained. The oxidation and calcification were quite thick on top and bottom of the stem.

I took photos of the pipe when it arrived in Vancouver and I brought it to my work table. There were still some chips of tar and some stain remaining on the rim of the pipe. I was able to remove the stem from the shank by carefully twisting it slowly.

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