Sci fi dating

We enlisted the help of our talented graphic designer, Courtney of Paperelli Designs to help us create fun printables to fit every movie style. Just glue it to the front and stick all of your Sci Fi Date Night printables inside.That way it’s all in one place and ready for you whenever you are.The routine helped loosen the tension before the dating began. If they felt something click, they jotted down the number pinned on their date’s shirt.Chloe said she meets a lot of guys on Ok Cupid and Tinder. Being able to hear your date quickly became a challenge. If not, they dismissed them and focused on the next one.Since then Glitch’s Sci-Fi Speed Dating has kept him busy full-time.Dressed as a Jedi Knight he hosted the event with a comedic air that playfully poked fun at himself and every stereotype.

We’ve made this date adaptable to use with any of the films in the sci fi genre, from Back to the Future to Star Trek!

You can’t plan a sci fi movie night without some GLOWSTICKS!!

When it gets dark, play glow bowling or ring toss in the yard, or inside. ) send your spouse into hyperdrive with a bedroom game.

Use the space-themed love note as a perfect digital text invitation for your spouse! Then include the details (day, time, place, any hints) in a follow-up text.

If your style is more old school and traditional, you can print the image and leave it as a paper love note for them to find as well!

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