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Gunsight Pass had beautiful views at the top as well as great flowers, Soda Lake and Dallas Lake were great places to go to for a picnic! But everyone figured it out and set up a temporary tent tack barn by the corrals. Richard from Aliso Viejo, California We visited Goosewing Ranch at the end of June.This is a nice size ranch with around 60 horses and no more than 30 guests really in 10 cabins.“Thank You” Brandon for making us laugh and giving us fly fishing lessons, and doing the .22 and skeet shooting! Having the UTV available for each cabin was such a smart idea. J in the office and Amy who is the general manager were always around keeping things running smoothly and we loved Amys precious baby who always had a smile on his face!!! It was best in the lodge but sometimes we were able to get it on the porch of our cabin. We were so happy we stayed the full 7 nights because we did not miss anything!!! It was our “Western Cowboy Adventure” that we hope to do again soon!!!When we were not horseback riding we spent a lot of time using our UTV Ranger exploring! We met guests and employees that were from all over the U. There was some flooding before our arrival which wiped out the tack barn. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE AT GOOSEWING FOR MAKING OUR STAY A VERY MEMORABLE ONE!!!Brandon was always around teaching skill like fly fishing and shooting.We didn’t have any children with us but the kids seemed to be well looked after and had loads of freedom and activities.

There was always a snack in the lodge in the afternoon. Everyone seemed to keep so busy we rarely saw other guests until dinner! “Thank You” to our wranglers Emily, Danielle and Jordan!!! The children always seemed to be enjoying themselves. We had not done horseback riding in more years than we care to admit.We managed to get some good rides in even a couple of advanced rides, (thanks Sarah, Danielle & Emily) miles and miles of scenery with plenty of loping and cantering.For meal times We were seated with a great family from St Louis (Hi Dan, Caroline, Grace & Carter) who made us feel part of there family which was nice, everyone mixes together and it’s a great way to meet interesting people.From the moment we were greeted by J we were made to feel part of the family. We had a Trapper Cabin which was great, nice and comfortable.You have the full use of an ATV which you need to use to get out and explore the amazing area whilst you are not ridding.

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