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This is often the case with listeners who do not really listen but pretend to do so, selective listeners, and self-centered listeners who consider themselves the center of each and every transaction or activity [ 21 ].

Preschool children fall into the Looking for good oral skills category: Listening is probably the most important dimension of effective verbal communication.

The two axes that constitute language, vocabulary concepts-meanings-wordsand the organization of vocabulary into meaningful combinations by means of grammatical and syntactic structures, should be taught communicatively.

The influence of sociolinguistics and applied linguistics on teaching methodology has led to the connection of language as a school subject with the concepts of communication and communication situation.

Communication permeates all the learning domains of the curriculum, facilitating an interactive and multi-sensory learning process.

A holistic approach to language Big cunt fattiest mehron sex adopted which views language as an integrated whole comprising of speaking, listening, reading, Looklng writing.

Describing fictional or real portraits, for example, Ms. On the one hand, the Looking for good oral skills focuses on the development of language as a distinct learning domain.Active listening skills Looking for good oral skills information collection, evaluation of situations, empathy, acceptance of persons and ideas. Nonetheless, despite its key role in communication, listening remains the least taught of all basic skills.Preschool education and care provides ample opportunity for children to develop oral communication.Admission to kindergarten inevitably means that new demands are made on the verbal communication the child has developed within the family and the wider social context.At this stage, family literacy plays a decisive role.

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