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Dan Fleming, 29, from Burnley, wrote a lengthy post on his online dating profile demanding that potential suitors have no kids, tattoos and be smaller than a size 12. It’s one that clutters my Tinder chats and makes me debate adding a few extra inches to the height listed in my profile, because it’d just be easier that way.Do you actually like the man whose arms can reach the bar from three people back..just his wingspan?Are you attracted to the doofus whose little toes hang off the end of your full-size bed..just his ability to fold your sheets without any help?Some apps, like Chappy, are taking steps to banish those stigmas by pursuing safer, more inclusive spaces for gay men to connect.Putting less emphasis on the physical—like leaving out any ability to input your height—compounded with a zero-tolerance discrimination policy and a face-pic requirement is a step in the right direction.An exchange between a couple on mobile app Tinder has gone viral after a lovelorn suitor went to blows with his date.

Do you have great taste in his face so far above your own that you can't get a good look at it?As a species, humans continue to get taller, but the average woman in Canada is just shy of 5′ 4″, leaving plenty of room to wear 4-inch stiletto heels and still be shorter than a 5’9″ date.Online dating is a minefield at the best of times but this awkward Tinder exchange proves just how volatile it can be.Dwayne La Grone, an incoming senior at Michigan State University, says men have assumed that he’s a top because he’s black and tall (6’2”).“It’s a stigma in the gay community that needs to be broken,” he says.

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