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Family considerations, including custody constraints and visitation, if divorced, are major elements of where we move – and if moving out of town is even an option.

If you’re free to relocate and you’re searching for resources to assist in making a decision, this list of top cities for single moms, originally from the Zillow blog, offers recommendations.

Among the cities mentioned are: The article cited provides a link to a “find the best city for you” tool, which is interesting to take.

If you’re a single mother, keeping in mind what’s important in terms of how you want to raise your children, the tool isn’t truly adequate to cover all your bases. They ranged from Dover, Delaware to Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

The cost of raising children is always greater than we realize, and splitting a household (after divorce) can be an expensive proposition.

Consequently, it makes sense to factor in how old they are, how attached they are to friends and community activities of their own, and how close they are to completing a key stage in their education (middle school or high school).Among them are: Pittsburgh, PA, also appears in the top 10, as it does on many “best places to live” lists with appeal to a variety of target audiences.Although the information presented dates to 2011, with emphasis on housing and overall affordability, there is mention of “good public schools,” crime rates, and walkable communities.Relocation decisions are far from simple, especially if you have children.And if you’re a single mom looking to move, housing choices are even more important, as we aren’t the only ones to deal with the fallout of a false start.

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