Sirius dating uk

After being single for 18 months, she joined an agency.

"People aren't going to come up to you in the supermarket and say, 'You look like a nice lady.' And I didn't want to go to evening classes or..." there is a withering pause "learn ballroom dancing." "These are highly successful people who aren't lonely but are extremely isolated," says Kate Corbett, director of Club Sirius and a former economist at the World Bank.

At Club Sirius, the dating agency for "single, well-educated and articulate people", success isn't measured by the number of members who marry each other, but by the number who take the altogether more daring step of recommending the service to a friend.

Like most of Britain's 700 introduction agencies, Club Sirius competes most vigorously not against its rivals, but against its public image as a succour for the undateable.

Yet James found it hard to confide about his membership.

"My friend was moaning to me about how he never meets any women and I said, 'Why don't you join a dating agency?

But younger people who are used to going to consultants for everything see it as completely normal." "Completely" normal is perhaps an overstatement.

Dating agencies still rub against the received wisdom that you can't force the hand of Cupid by filling in forms and attending singles nights; that, as Diana Ross put it, you can't hurry love. You both know what to expect, having read each other's profiles and spoken on the telephone." 'It saves time," says Bartleet.

I've told their friends they met in the pub, even though they live 70 miles apart."You have to have your own residence, because if you're 30 and still living at home you're not our kind of member."For ladies, there's a maximum dress size of 16 because over that you're throwing your money away. You can be earning £300,000 selling knickers on a market stall and we'll have no use for you." He is being realistic, he says, rather than chauvinistic."Women of my age and older, those whose contemporaries married, had babies young and expected the men to do all the chasing, are very reluctant to admit they went through a dating agency, because they belong to the generation for whom it was an admission of failure. At the start of the 80s it was all you could do to get an advert in the paper. People used to come shuffling in apologetically and ask to close the door behind them." "People still don't know the difference between a dating agency and an escort service," says Alun Jenkins, owner of the Executive Club of St James, where prices start at £3,000 and finish at £7,500."The older generation sees it as a marriage bureau for failures.

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