Sophos not updating windows 7

Sophos tries to check for updates every hour of every day.If the DSL modem has disconnected, the check for updates fails.Sometimes a file that is downloaded is corrupt which then plays havoc with the install.Once the install is complete update it using the "Update Now". Clearing the temp directory generally solves most update issues. /savscfxp/I called the GSC, and they instructed me to download Sophos and reinstall over the top of the existing installation.

I returned to the clerk's office this afternoon, and found Sophos was still failing to update.One working theory is that the DSL modem may be disconnecting during idle periods, when no one is in the meetinghouse.The computer's power settings are to turn off the display only, but never put the computer to sleep.Right clicking and selecting "Update Now" causes a window to show that states "Downloading Package 1 of 4...2 of 4...3 of 4...4 of 4" then it shows "Intalling Package 1 of 1" then it just quits. Thanks Clear the temp directory (delete all the files %temp%) and do the update again.A look at the log file shows: Installation of RMSNT skipped Installing Product SAVXP The manifest file for product SAVXP was invalid Installation of Sophos Client Firewall skipped Installation of Sophos Auto Update skipped Auto Update finished If I repeat the "Update Now", the same thing happens again. Sometimes a file that is downloaded is corrupt which then plays havoc with the install.

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