Subform not updating

This is far more convenient than having to edit the form in three places every time you make changes.

Ultimately, I'd like the subform to update as I change the combobox.

In the frm Eval form, I am trying to connect a returned unit to the evaluation through the cbo RMA combobox (no problem).

In the mentioned subform, I am also trying to see recalls that may be associated with the given unit connected with a given return.

Now we'll create 2 more headings called Bedroom 2 and Bedroom 3. Now we have a new subform inserted beneath our Heading Bedroom 2.It discusses the basics of creating a new form and adding headings, subheadings, and narrative items.Before making any custom changes it is strongly recommended you create a backup in case you mess up any of your forms!Subforms are a way to use the content of a form file within or as part of the structure of a main form in a form group.They can be used multiple times in one or more forms to repeat or "share" information.

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