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Furthermore, the Swiss can recognise the German (or any other foreign) accent and immediately identify the speaker as a non-native.What is expected of foreigners, however, after having been in Switzerland for some time is that they understand and speak standard German, French or Italian passably well.You don't want to offend Swiss locals and want to be seen as highly integrated by your acquaintances as quickly as possible?If this applies to you, it is worthwhile closely studying the local customs and, in particular, possible pitfalls.

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The person counting every rappen will also be viewed to be very miserly and impolite. Loudness: Complaining or telling jokes loudly, shouting into the telephone or even raising your voice about the maximum acceptable level for the Swiss during an argument will not be received well.This may seem surprising given the slowness which they display in almost all day-to-day situations, be this when boarding a tram, paying at the supermarket till or at a meeting.Pushing in, rushing around and impatiently tapping your foot will a) not help you get to where you want to go quicker and b) you will be deemed as rude.Clink your glasses: It is customary at an "Apéro" (see below), at dinner and, depending on the situation, when enjoying a nightcap to clink your glass with everybody before taking a drink. Here, too, it is better to raise your glass in the group one too many times that one too few.Hiking: It comes as no surprise that the Swiss love hiking.

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