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If you have problems installing Windows Defender after you remove existing security programs, contact Microsoft Support for Windows Defender in the Security product family.

When Windows Defender or Endpoint Protection detects a potential threat that's hiding inside a compressed file with a file name extension or within a network share, it tries to deal with the threat by quarantining or removing the threat.

After the sync, the updates are automatically installed in the endpoints during the deployment window specified in the APD task.

For even more clarity on handling Anti-Virus updates, check out the best practices of deploying Anti-Virus Definition updates.

The Core Protection Module solution from Trend is going out of support at the end of the year, but the Endpoint Protection domain should also contain a solution called Client Manager for Endpoint Protection that does contain content for updating DAT files for Symantec and Mc Afee.

Big Fix Protection product withdraw from the market and end of support and availability of a migration option: https://com/developerworks/community/blogs/a1a33778-88b7-452a-9133-c955812f8910/entry/Big Fix_Protection_product_withdraw_from_the_market_and_end_of_support_and_availability_of_a_migration_option?

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Windows Defender or Endpoint Protection works automatically with Microsoft Update to ensure that your virus and spyware definitions are kept up to date.

Symptoms This article addresses common issues with automatic updates, including the following situations: Note Some internet security applications do not uninstall completely.

And in case, each of your network PCs is configured to directly communicate with the download-server of the anti-virus vendor, it would definitely equate to huge bandwidth consumption, which is once again a big no-no for effective Network Management.

For those of you running Anti-virus software on your network computers, here is a bit of relief on definition updates.

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