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“You did something good for me and even offered to help some stranger, and I blew you off like that. I know you live nearby and I’m certain that you’re not some kind of a maniac. You seem like a decent guy.”Was that really happening? Fuck, this was the last thing I expected to happen when I decided to go out and get some smokes.You can’t believe the number of questions that run through your mind in less than a second.If you go in and have that drink, it’s only reasonable to believe that she’ll come onto you. She’s been lonely, no question about it because I didn’t see any men coming in or out from her building. Sometimes, I was thinking about how she must have changed the team somewhere along the way because I saw women sitting with her.“Sorry.I don’t think that would be appropriate considering everything. ” I tried to pull out from her offer politely, without offending her in any way.“You’re right.There’s she was, sitting on her balcony, talking to someone on her phone. I felt that familiar current flowing through my entire body. Sitting in a short summer dress, you could almost see her panties. It was the first time I could saw her from point blank, in all her glory. Perfectly straight and long legs with a butt that sticks out and those small, perky boobs.I couldn’t miss noticing how the conversation wasn’t so pleasant. I couldn’t see the eyes because of the sunglasses but as far as I could assess, she had a beautiful face.It will take another month before I see those two sexy blue eyes.Weeks went on and I got obsessed with learning everything I could about my new sexy neighbor.

First time I noticed her, I’ve been walking up and down the street to catch some air. From that moment on, she started popping in my mind quite frequently. Each time I’d walk beside her, I made sure to notice some new detail. It became clear that woman was around 30, recently divorced and had a kid; a little girl who seems to be absent for the most of the times. What kind of a mother would allow her young daughter to live with her ex-husband? and who can spend an hour or so during different parts of the day, on her balcony. And then one day, while I was walking back home from the grocery store, I saw her walking towards me.In one hand, you don’t want to get yourself into a situation where you’ll most certainly cheat on your wife. What could possibly bad happen if I’ve decided to go in and have that damn drink with the woman in need of a companionship? I couldn’t sleep that night, constantly rewinding the situation. While looking directly into her eyes, I turned left and entered her building. Her robe was completely loose so I could easily access those juicy, large, brown nipples that were hard as a rock.But in the other – how often are you given this kind of opportunity? Next day, with the sunglasses glued to my eyes, I went out to buy some bread. Her head just moved back and leaned against the wall while I was kissing and licking her breasts and nipples.It was quite exciting doing some genuine detective work, trying to figure out as much as possible from just observing someone’s behavior and the surrounding environment.I even swoop through adult dating sites and found her on not one but five of these hookup sites including Great Sex Dating. It was around 11 PM when I went out to buy some smokes.

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