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(Bruns and Jacobs, 2006) Twingly screensaver says that people can experience the true blogosphere and visual the global blog activity on their screen in real time (see Figure 2.0).People available download Twingly screensaver from internet.Sacha Chua is a Web 2.0 evangelist, storyteller, and geek with IBM Canada (Chua, 2010). Oracle (2008) Business Management in the Age of Enterprise 2.0: Why Business Model 1.0 Will Obsolete You. Her online personal journal – is an great example of using blog as a platform to share her professional exterpises and researches with readers/people who are interested in. She is using her blog helping people connect, sharing knowledge on how to increase the individual and group productivity in an organization with Enterprise 2.0 and collaborate more effectively by using social technologies – Web 2.0 tools – wikis, blogs and social bookmarking. Blogging examples for creative ideas and design knowledge There are some good examples of inspirational blogs that i would like to share with others. An enterprise blogging can be used to help to build the social structured platform to improve internal and external communication.

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Not only that I can’t see any blogs having updated in 23 hours – even blogs who post heaps – like Engadget.Is it just me or did Technorati stop indexing 23 hours ago? The recognized authority inthe blogosphere, Technorati collects, organizes, highlights and distributes theonline global conversation, surfacing this content to millions of consumers.As well, it provides me the real way to build my personal brand on the Web. New Media Philippines (2010) 4 Types of Bloggers: Value, Hobby, Journal, and Google.What approach is Sacha Chua using to build a community and increase awareness of her activities? Jenkins (2004) ‘The Cultural Logic of Media Convergence’ International Journal of Cultural Studies, Vol. PIP Director Lee Rainie (2005) ‘The state of blogging’. Chris Garrett on New Media (2010) What Type of Blogger Are You?

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