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Go for drinks or a casual dinner together in an environment where you can get to know one another better.

Dating can be frustrating, nerve-wracking, and is often full of deceit.

If you want your date to be excited and interested in you, be exciting and interesting. If you cannot be relaxed, or seem as though you are being dishonest or evading questions, your date may find it difficult to feel completely comfortable or to trust you.

If you want your date to open up and share with you, you will need to open up and share with them some of who you really are. That lack of trust can make it difficult for them to want to pursue a second dating experience with you.

If your date knows everything there is to know after the first date, chances are you monopolized your time together. Eye contact is essential to dating and will help to heighten the impact of any playful flirting in which you and your date engage. That having been said, avoid staring obsessively at your date.

A dark theatre, where you sit in silence for two or more hours is not a good first date venue.If you want others to find you exciting, it is important to be excited about your date and any activities you have planned for the evening.Everyone enjoys being around someone else who is enthusiastic and passionate about life. Show your personality, hobbies and passion and people will be more drawn to you. Be original and say what is different about you.10. Use a range of pictures for your profile to show the many aspects of your character.

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