Tfs reports not updating

Querying the [Work Item] table revealed that the warehouse tables were in fact not being updated.The only sprints found in that table were the ones showing up in the drop down list in the report.If you are getting the data from a stored procedure, you need to open the file and right click on the data model.Select Configure, and the correct values from the procedure should appear on the right of the window.The absolutely easiest way to fix this is adding the following line of code to the beginning of the stored procedure that produces your dataset for the report: After changing the Stored Procedure code, without changing the name and number of fields returned, I could only get the report to seemingly call the new format of the stored procedure by clicking the Refresh button in the report's Preview tab.This didn't work for me so eventually I opened the particular report file [filename]in a text editor and surprise surprise it was XML.

I have googled and looked through the suggested questions here and I cannot find one that is directly related to this issue.(Perhaps because some combinations of parameters wouldn't result in a failure?) Anyways, at the end of the day it was faulty coding in my sproc that was causing the fields in SSRS not to refresh. I've just created an Iteration (Sprint) with no start - end date.Then added some Working Items - Tasks each with their corresponding start - end date (lets say 10/06/2014).

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