The dynamics of memory context dependent updating Sexe web cam no log

Healey and Kahana extended CMR2 to simulate a recognition memory task using the same mechanisms the free recall model uses to reject intrusions. When an item is studied its feature representation (fi) is activated on F.

Without fitting any additional parameters, the model accounts for age differences in recognition memory accuracy. The feature representation contains both item and source features (e.g., size / animacy judgment).

We investigate the neurophysiology of episodic memory with electrocorticographic (ECo G) and single neuron recordings from neurosurgical patients who have had electrodes surgically implanted on the cortical surface of the brain or in the medial temporal lobes (including hippocampus) as part of the clinical process of localizing seizure foci.

In CMR2, memory accumulates across multiple experimental lists, and temporal context is used both to focus retrieval on a target list and to censor retrieved information when its match to the current context indicates that it was learned in a non-target list.

The model simultaneously accounts for a wide range of intralist and interlist phenomena, including the pattern of prior-list intrusions observed in free recall, build-up of and release from proactive interference, and the ability to selectively target retrieval of items on specific prior lists (Jang & Huber, 2008; Shiffrin, 1970).

During recall, the context representation reactivates (through MCF) the features of recently studied items. Hypothesized interactions between prefrontal cortex, temporal cortex, and medial temporal lobe during memory encoding and retrieval predicted by to enlarge Fig. CMR2 captures older adults' temporal contiguity deficit. After three lists from the same semantic category, subjects were then presented with a new set of three lists from a different semantic category.

Top: Data from Loess (1967), note the scalloped pattern: performance declines across same-category lists and improves when a new category is presented.

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