The premise behind relative dating is

He enjoyed a warm friendship with his fellow countryman Nicholas Breakspear, who ascended the papal throne as Adrian IV in 1154.John was also well-acquainted with important figures in twelfth-century secular life, in France as well as England, most especially Henry II.John composed several treatises of philosophical interest, most notably the (EMM).

John of Salisbury was born at Old Sarum (the former site of Salisbury) in England between 11.Theobald’s court attracted many clerics with training and experience similar to John’s own, so he could continue to indulge his intellectual pursuits in a sympathetic environment during the 1140s and 1150s.John was counted a member of a circle of learned clerics, among whom was Thomas Becket (the future archbishop and martyr), who was a trusted servant of Theobald before he was appointed King Henry II’s Chancellor in late 1154.He seems to have tutored students during his later years in Paris.It was also during these years (specifically, 1141 to 1147) that John likely drafted the first two parts of his 1852-line philosophical and satirical poem, the ).

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