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com That’s Not Cool is an award-winning national public education initiative to help raise awareness and address dating violence, unhealthy relationships, and digital abuse.

The program’s interactive website, tools, and resources support young people as they learn to recognize, avoid, and prevent dating violence in their lives.

Talk to our experts about your orgasms, break-up, performance anxiety, sex toys, birth control, or _______. Download on the App Store Spot On is a birth control and period tracking app by Planned Parenthood.

The app is designed to help you stay consistent with birth control reminders, guidance, and tips — no matter your method.

Amaze is fun, engaging, non-judgmental, inclusive, and supportive of young people of all gender identities and sexual orientations. provides “sex education for the real world.” They offer advice, answer questions, and provide information on birth control, safer sex, STDs, masturbation, anatomy, sexual orientation, gender identification, healthy relationships, communication between sexual and romantic partners, and consent.

Your (Sex) Life is dedicated to reducing rates of STI transmission and unintended pregnancies, and promoting open communication with romantic partners and healthcare providers.

The site offers information and guidance for youth who are experiencing depression, anxiety disorders, addiction, abuse, body image issues, break-ups, loss, digital drama, discrimination, LGBTQ issues, self-injury, trauma, or veteran issues.They have information on a variety of health topics, and a Q&A section answering questions on relationships, sexuality, and general health. Wanna Know offers information for teens and young adults on topics like general sexual health, STIs, relationships, pregnancy and parenting, myths and facts, and information for LGBTQ youth.“It’s a product of the growing normalcy of using social media apps,” says Moira Weigel, author of “Labor of Love: The Invention of Online Dating” (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2016).“Our real-life and online identities are more and more interwoven.” Because of this cultural shift, online dating sites now have unprecedented reach into our lives. Reams have been written about online dating, but as far as we know, no one has put the sites to the test.

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