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Your provider may want to perform tests on the fluid.If so, a sample of fluid is removed with a needle inserted between the ribs.They had the same inter-endothelial spaces as they did.The only thing that's different about this is that my protein is down, and that's going to cause the fluid to shift out. Here we're going to draw our heart, I know it's a Valentine's heart, but just so we have an idea. We have our right atrium, we have our right ventrical, we have our left atrium, and our left ventrical. Well we know that with that failure on the left side we're going to have increased pressure on the left side of the heart.Pleural effusion is an abnormal, excessive collection of this fluid.There are two types of pleural effusion: Your health care provider will examine you and ask about your symptoms.Then that blue fuzz, that's going to be our actual fluid.In a normal vessel, this is normal, everything is pretty much even, it's equal, we don't have any fluid that's leaking out of the vessels, we don't have anything that's coming in that shouldn't be, this is our normal representation.


That would be the increase in our hydrostatic pressure that causes transudate, and as a result the same idea here, that fluid that we have going on here, that fluid is going to be forced out in-between the endothelial cells because the pressure is so high.Now you'll see that the endothelial cells in the vessel, this hasn't changed.My vessel looks the same, and the endothelial cells are still sitting next to each other.The real difference between the two is how that fluid came about to be in that space.How did that fluid get in that space in other words. For instance if somebody has congestive heart failure, liver failure, if somebody had pneumonia, lupus, and how we really break those up is based off of two things.

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