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She needs to get herself together, she isn’t happy, her relationship with Bow really devastated her when the two broke up.

They were engaged to be married, she relocated to Atlanta to live with him and now she’s back on the prowl.

She has a son, she needs to be a mother to him and stay clear of any relationships.“I’m confused a little bit,” he says, and a tremor creeps into his voice.And then he cries, which we hear on the tape as him saying “pssh,” or maybe sneezing, a whole bunch of times.50’s right; owing somebody money fucks you up and makes you say and do dumb things.Buck freaked out in some interview and said that 50 actually owed him money, which understandably pissed 50 off, and so 50 eventually kicked Buck out of his group. But Buck cried, and that’s all anybody’s going to remember.

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