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No special equipment is required, although if you are keeping score, you may want a pencil and in a circle. You will want to begin by having the players introduce themselves.Step #2Explain the game to make sure everyone understands how to play.Can we talk about how much I swooned over Shante’s fly yellow suit?Style was Shante’s number one weapon, aside from a killer marketing and dating strategy!

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One way to decide who goes first is to randomly choose one person.

Fox as Shante Smith dropped some valuable and hilarious life lessons that were about more than love.

Keeping an array of opinions in mind is important when making life decisions, and friends different from you can help put things in perspective.

During the gathering, as participants mingle, they can guess which statement on the piece of paper is a lie.

Later, if you wish, you can play a game seeing who remembers the most names and lies.

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