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The variance is said to be unfavorable if the actual price of the materials is higher than the standard price of the materials.A unit of sound absorption for a surface, equivalent to 1 square foot (0.09290304 square meter) of perfectly absorbing surface.Unit rate example 55 mph You may be limited by your purchase agreement, in the price you can ask for your unit.Otherwise, a realtor can help you understand the market and how you can price your unit according to your selling parameters. | Relationship Chemistry Predictor | Relationship Needs Assessment Or, take our new psychological assessment that will tell you what you really want versus what you say you want.

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[Note: For embedded comments, checks for understanding (CFUs), and key additional information on transitions and key parts of the lesson not necessarily included in the below narrative, please go to the comments in the following document: Dating & Rock Layering (Whole Lesson w/comments).Depends on what you mean exactly, on most cars the head, tail lights and indicators are in one unit, chaning the bulbs however is simple.for the back just open the boot and you can get to the rear lights that way, for the front you can open the bonet and get to it that way.15 socks cost 5.50$ and you want to find out how much each cost you need to divid 15 by 15 and 15 and by 5.50$ and you get 2.27 Typically UNIT PRICE is "price per unit volume" or "price per unit weight." In this case, you did not say how much tomato sauce was in each can, so the two typical "unit prices" I mentioned are not possible to calculate.The reason that these are best is that its necessary to compare prices as each package or can, etc., can contain more or less product. Unit price is Total price of the product (P) divided by the number of individual products withint he container (n).

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