Updating ecdis

Confirmation of software version English | 日本語 Software update manual (for version 42A or earlier) English | 日本語 Software update manual (for version 50) English | 日本語 Software update manual (for version 51 - 54) English | 日本語 Software update manual (for version 55 or later) English | 日本語 Revised manual for chart installation English | 日本語 Software patch installation manual for V56C English | 日本語 Temporary software patch installation manual English | 日本語 To start your download, click here V0056C_ECDIS-RPS-NWS_R3_0 It should be noted that if the V56C software update is downloaded over the air, it will add cost to users' airtime bills.

Following the introduction of performance standards for electronic charts in 1995, the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC), the highest technical body of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), adopted an amended Chapter V (Safety of Navigation) of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). Re-written Chapter V, under Regulation 19, outlines carriage requirements for shipborne navigational systems and equipment.

ENCs are intelligent, in that systems using them can be programmed to give warning of impending danger in relation to the vessel’s position and movement.

From January 2014 the latest version of the IHO standard (S-63 Edition 1.1) will become compulsory. If the ECDIS has not been upgraded to S-63 Edition 1.1 by January 2014, they will no longer meet the IHO standards and therefore no longer be compliant. If you have installed the software on the ECDIS models mentioned below you automatically comply with the new S-63 1.1 standard.

The permit file version number will change and all ECDIS users must use a new certificate file (IHO. Please carefully check during installation if the ECDIS has the latest software installed.

Should a company not comply, the implications are serious.

A flag state inspection could lead to significant financial penalties, or even detainment in official custody.

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