Updating initial configuration polycom developing consolidating and secure

Polycom makes a very popular series of SIP phones that work with Asterisk and Free PBX.

The VVX Business Media Phones are the latest models.

Note: "Reset Web Configuration" - removes any information set via the phone's WWW interface.

"Format file system" - deletes the application software on the phone, as well as line configuration settings. You must point the phone at a boot server in order to download a new application file and to be able to use the phone.

Reboot phone - once phone comes back up, the phone will now be in the same state as a Brand New Phone.

To start this off let’s begin with the brains behind it all: the TFTP server, also known as, Trivial FTP server.

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Sometimes people are just trying to be funny, or they are literally trying to break your program.

You can find tons of programs like this on the internet but the one that we use in our house is Solar Winds.

Then enter all the required information and then click “Download Software”.

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