Updating iptc content in photographs

Once uploaded I keep a handful of photos of my family on my i Phone, but otherwise delete all the others.

Similar to Federico, my Hazel rules delete screenshots, since I generally don’t want to keep them, but I also have Camera Sync set up not to upload screenshots anyway: Then I have a rule to sort the photos into date based folders, by year and then simply date.

Keywords help us search within our Image Library directory.

Images that are published on-line have their metadata ready by search engines, who then use that data as a way of indexing an image.

Of all things that would be hard to replace if all my devices caught fire and all my backups failed, the photos would be the one I care about most.

Almost everything else is either replaceable, recoverable or possible to take a Zen-like attitude to letting go of.

Consider adding [Accession number];[Collected by name]; [Collection Name];[anatomical term for pose ie., oral, ventral, To apply a preset metadata template, you must first save the file in the Metadata Templates folder. C:\Users\[your EID]\App Data\Roaming\Adobe\XMP\Metadata Templates Open Bridge and navigate to the photos you are working with.

You MUST run the Add File Names tool Once that process finishes, click on the drop-down menu on the upper right of the Metadata section.

Attached to this page is also a general metadata file.

If you’re short on time the Exif Tool command that helped me is right at the end – skip down there and copy and paste.

For anyone else who can’t sleep, it might be useful, but I won’t be offended if you skip reading this.

Back then, the of using another service was because I didn’t have enough space on Dropbox for over 72GB of images and videos.

Since Dropbox upgraded their plans, I know have the opposite problem, which is that my 1.1TB of cloud space is larger than my laptop’s hard drive.

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