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And then also, we probably could do a little bit of cleaning and finishing these cabinets without changing the color, but just put maybe just a little bit of the gloss back on it that it once had. Danny Lipford: That countertop finish I was telling Stephanie about is from Giani. Maybe if you can start reaching on top of the fridge, because I can’t reach there.

Stephanie Ward: Wow, that looks like a lot of work. You could have never painted before and you can do this. Stephanie Ward: Let me get my son to help us move some things. Stephanie Ward: Could you help us move some of these things off the counters?

Ashley Fleming: And then the last step is the top coat. It’s for people who have never done a lot of house projects. This is the exciting part right here with the minerals. But first we have to get all of these items off of here before we can get this project started. Ashley Fleming: After we paint your counters, you’ll want them cleared off all the time because you’ll like looking at them again Stephanie Ward: Absolutely. Danny Lipford: Allen’s a little late to the party, but he’s here to help with some of the moving.

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Stephanie Ward: We’ve been here, well a total of 10 years. Stephanie Ward: So we’re going to use this granite paint to make our counters look like granite. Take a cardboard box, and cut a slit in it with a utility knife that’s slightly longer than the width of your putty knife. Danny Lipford: All right, you’re getting to the point of no return now, huh? Ashley Fleming: Yeah, all the edging with the foam brush. Stephanie Ward: So another reason why I’m excited about getting this done is because I have stains on my counters. Well, here’s a quick tip that can make the job a little less messy. And you’re going to just do that back edge as well. Ashley Fleming: Your kitchen looks like it’s somewhere in the 20s in square footage, but the average countertop footage in the United States household is 35 square feet, and that’s what our kit is made to cover. Now I see you’re using your old microwave trick there. ” It does such a good job, but I don’t want to trip over everybody inside so I brought it out. Allen Lyle: That’s because they decided that they could do it better than we could. Stephanie and countertop painting expert Ashley Fleming finished the first step on the counters, while Allen and I were prepping and resealing the cabinet doors. Ashley Fleming: Yeah, primer’s done and we’re ready to make rock. I see you have all kinds of little artsy stuff here going on. Danny Lipford: Fortunately, there’s a better spirit of cooperation in the kitchen. Danny Lipford: To tell you the truth, how did we get stuck with cleaning and they’re inside doing all the work? Now, one would think that if it’s more powerful, it’s going to be louder. Another thing I like, too, is that it’s got an anti-microbial sink baffle; so that it eliminates any of that bacteria build-up. Danny Lipford: We’re transforming homeowner Stephanie Ward’s kitchen on a budget with some simple projects like painting the countertops and replacing the hardware.

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