Updating punkbuster for bf2

In 2014 the company Game Spy was shut down and so were their servers.These servers were necessary to log into Battlefield 2 multiplayer and to manage your ranks.In the same year some committed bf2 players set up bf2which now provides similar services.To make use of these new services, however, your bf2 installation needs to be adapted: First install bf2 as usal, alongside all the patches (1.41 - 1.5 hotfix) To be able to connect to the new bf2hub-server your windows hosts file will have to be edited: these changes will be made automatically for you once you have downloaded and installed the bf2hub-client https:// you can choose to make the necessary changes yourself (and thus ignore bf2hub-client completely): using a text editor (such as notepad) in administrative mode (Windows 10: All Apps - # BF2Hub - begin of redirect (established on 2015-08-07 ) .102 battlefield2.available..102 battlefield2.master..102 battlefield2.ms.181.102 gpsp..102 gpcm..45 se .45 BF2web.# BF2Hub - end of redirect Basically your game and game-login should work now using the BF2Hub-servers.However, uninstalling the new service components will disable Punk Buster and may prevent playing on Punk Buster servers. Other issues (firewall)PB is unable to communicate with some peoples computers due to their firewall settings.There have been about three known PB messages which say something like"Heartbeats stopped" , "Handshakes failed" and another initialization error.There is a limit to how many iwd files you can have. under that folder should be a folder related to the server in question. In that folder I would need to remove all files ending with the file extension of . There is also a users folder (cod4) that contains custom maps with the iwd extention.Corrupted packet flow:normally results from the game initializing its start sequence before the pb services are fully initialized. Also can result from pb doing self updating while trying to connect to server.

If you go into your Trend, Norton, or Macafee firewall settings, add the above Pnk Bstr as a trusted service using the add button.Just updating your is not enough Punkbuster Kicks - Other For error messages: invalid iwd files referenced file name/sum mismatch These are normally encountered on servers runnning custom maps and/or mods.Normally all you need to do is go to console (in game) and type in "reconnect".Now, close again and open the newly created file using a text editor (notepad); change the whole content to the following text: link Save the changes and open up once again.The dropdown-list of supported games should now include battlefield 2.

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