Updating the 3100c

I then inserted the Zotac CD and attempted the install the Windows 8.1 driver. I then downloaded the Windows 10 driver and attempted to install it. The boot sequence got as far as the Windows logo with the rotating circle of dots below, then the dots stopped rotating.I left it in that state for 30 minutes but nothing more happened.However, the onboard graphics chipset does not have a driver upgrade path for widescreen.Consequently, the best compromise we can achieve is an image that is stretched horizontally (1024x768).Among new PCIe cards that would fit, one that seems a possibility (on paper) is the Ge Force GT730 LP.That has a PCIe x2 interface, which is supposedly backwards compatible with x1.(It's really just an file that describes the capabilities of the monitor.) That may allow you to set 1920X1080.

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The ones that I see that are new enough to have DX11 or newer drivers (markers for Win 10 compatibility) start at around US.Wegens problemen met mijn huawei p20 lite probleem met de ck3100 heb ik contact opgenomen met parrot en gevraagd of de P20lite compatible is met de parrot. Just wondering if you've had a chance to review the latest update from the agent assigned to your support request? If you'd like to provide an update, or require more time to work through our latest comment, simply reply to this email and let us know. P20 lite is not compatible device to work with the? It is always our aim at Parrot to provide you, our customer, with top quality service to the best of our ability. Hi there, We have been recently in contact concerning support request 1311693. There are only 3 res options and they are all 4:3 ratio. A little dear (in the context of the 3100), but cheaper than a whole new PC.However, I am not sure if there is a separate file that I've missed. If you go that route, I suggest switching to some other interface than VGA (analog), if your monitor supports that, and you don't have to buy a cable. At least in the US, cables tend to be outrageously priced in local stores.) Well, I installed the card and immediately entered into a nightmare lasting several days.

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