Using wii shop channel without updating

Please see Virtual Console and Wii Shop Channel for more information.

This Channel requires an Internet connection to use and Wii Connect24 turned on.Courtesy of the Associated Press (in North America), the News Channel is constantly updated with new news articles.Users may browse the news by category, by territory (on an interactive, 3D globe), or via a slide-show, which quickly buzzes through news headlines.Each of the following Channels is built into the Wii hardware, and so all Wii users have access to their diverse features. Note: The Forecast Channel, News Channel, and Wii Shop Channel require an Internet connection to function, as well as the latest Wii Menu firmware (currently 4.3).The only Channel that cannot be positioned wherever the user likes, the Disk Channel allows users to play Wii disk-based titles and Nintendo Game Cube software that is inserted into the Wii console's front-loading disk drive.

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